Ready set go. Life without OT 

Today we did out last session before we start our big adventure of school. And see how we go without therapy until we feel we need it again. But of course Jenny still has our back if we need. I am not ready to let completely go but I know I can take on a lot of this on our down time after school. It was easy to pay and hope for the best. Just like a maid cleaning the house or a ground keeper in a garden. But with Kirsty and Jenny I have had close to 2 years to learn. I have had 6 months of intensive education one on one with Jenny. I am a true professional in Max. (Not anyone else. I can suggest and advise what I do only in my house) 

We have prepared and worked our asses off to get here, we are not there yet but we are here and we are ready. And then this link, this article appeared on my timeline… please if you read my poor grammar rambling read this one article.

But I am also guessing if you read me then you may already understand. It’s everyone else that needs to understand. 

School is next week, we are wearing school shoes every single day, and they will also be okay as sports shoes so we don’t have to swap mid week. 

We had a lovely visual letter from his teacher and his 2 buddies. Photos from the room he will be in, the toilet, the yard, but also visual rules that he will need to follow. 

Photos from his teacher with his pets and the things she likes. 

These photos are laminated and up on his wall. 

What a way to start! They get us! They are putting in measures now for our needs and creating something successful!!  Hooray!! 

We are practising letters every day. We are drawing and even have a school in his minecraft world. 

We have a meeting next week before school starts and we have the wobble cushion, ear phones, the snacks and of course ragh ready for the worst. 

We are prepared and the OT said today what a great job we have done. For accepting and understanding. Working hard and planning everything. 

So back to the article, I live it day in and day out. There is no time out, there’s no growing out of it or being to spoilt. We honestly give both our kids 100% of ourselves to be the best they can be.  Yes I will cry when he starts school or before. Not because I am sad. He’s just done so darn well to work through SPD  and I am proud. 


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